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Lisa is fantastic! If you're looking for meditation guidance, look no further. She doesn't seek to be a long term staple in your practice, but rather takes the opportunity to help others to find techniques that work best for them."


I have to tell you that I was nervous to have the reiki treatment before having to write the final 25 page paper and exam, because usually I am wiped out and need to rest all weekend. I did actually rest Saturday and started working again Sunday evening... and let me tell you how incredibly productive I was, but more importantly... how RELAXED and completely CALM I was throughout the entire process when I should have been stressing out. I truly think it was the reiki, because I was losing my mind on Friday thinking I wasn't going to make it through the last couple of projects. THANK YOU SO MUCH---it was obviously much needed!


Lisa has provided multiple intuitive readings for me over the years. I have especially found these insightful at times when I am in the midst of a life transition and need direction about which path to take. Lisa's readings always provide clarity and confirmation. What's equally impressive to me is the sensitivity and compassion that Lisa brings to each reading. She is a gifted healer.


I have found the energy therapy sessions and information from my guides incredibly insightful and also relieving. Doing these sessions has given me a better perspective when things around me have seemed chaotic. It gives me a feeling of calm to know that I am on my path and need to be quiet sometimes and listen and reflect.


Definitely want to continue with you, especially after the last session. [It] completely lined up with exactly what I was thinking as I was leaving, almost word for word. Which was a little spooky but also amazing. ;)


Thank you so very much for the session ... Very informative and validating.


Thanks so much for the treatment.  I slept like a rock last night, and am still feeling really good.
You're amazing!


The treatment was an amazing and uplifting experience. During the treatment, I received what I can only interpret as a very firm "do this" kind of message about something very much outside of my experience and expertise. I've never received communication that compelling before and have acted on it accordingly.


I feel so much more unencumbered since our session on Saturday. A lot of fear was released. I'm feeling a lot calmer and stronger ... and I'm getting it at a deep level that one of my soul lessons for this lifetime is to learn to stand up for myself, claim my right to live, and claim my birthrights of health, wealth, happiness, love, success, etc. Part of this dynamic means insisting that others treat me with respect (which includes insisting to myself that I deserve that!). I feel that the Reiki really helped further my development in these areas.


It was a pleasure meeting you!  I'm focusing on getting centered and balanced. You helped me take my first step towards focusing on my inner self needs.


Thank you!  I enjoyed the session so much and appreciate the messages from the guides.  Right now, I am more calm...really needed this! 

Will definitely schedule another session along with the breathing you talked about.


Well, it has been three weeks since I saw you for Reiki therapy.  The two or three days after our visit, I felt “lighter.” By this I mean that I felt lighter on my feet and like I was no longer carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I also did not have those small nagging pains in my neck and shoulders that I think I get from sleeping in a bad position.

It was my intention that I no longer feel guilt ...  It is amazing but I am making the conscious decision to let those thoughts pass right by when they come to my mind!   I also find that I can easily let the feelings go when [people] make decisions that normally would trample my feelings. 

I am happy to report that three weeks later I do still feel lighter, stand taller, and have not woken up with any “cricks” in my neck!    

I sincerely thank you for your help, and I am eager to get more Reiki therapy to help myself to improve. 


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