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Animal communication sessions are available with Lisa to assist clients and their animal friends with achieving greater mutual understanding, alleviating behavioral issues, and supporting deeper connection.


Lisa has over 15 years of animal communication experience with a variety of animals, and is pleased to bring this service to clients more widely. She trained in 2008 with Kat Berard in San Antonio. This tool has greatly helped in not only understanding animals around her over the years but helping others to understand how animals perceive and interact with humans and others.

An animal communication session can help you to address behavior/health issues or other changes with your animal friend. Essentially, like any form of communication, a session can help to bridge any gaps in understanding each other. 

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I recently consulted with my longtime friend and animal intuitionist, Lisa, after a family pet went missing for a few days. Lisa “checked in on him” and assured me he would return the next day. The following evening we had a message that our pet had been found - I couldn’t believe it! Lisa is 100% legit so if you need to communicate with your pets in a non-traditional sense, give Lisa a call - you’ll be glad you did.

Thank you so much for having this conversation...  [Her] perspective & wisdom blow me away, and yet, are so characteristic (the first time you talked with her, so many years ago when she  was still a puppy, she told you that she cared for me, but wondered why I worry so much.  I guess much remains the same.).  I am grateful beyond words...  You are so gifted in transversing the earthly, material and spiritual, energetic worlds (e.g., right at the start, you immediately understood [my dog's] subdued energy level). I have deep gratitude for making [he] viewpoint accessible to me, and in the process, helping to put my own self more at peace during this difficult time. 

How communication can help understand over time from one client:

Wow, thanks, I can't even remember reading this communication. It was August and I adopted her in May of that same year. As I read through your narrative, it brings back memories I had forgotten about her adjustment, esp. her tearing things up, etc. All I remember is her destroying her stuffed toys. Boy what a change in her from then to now. She corrected her own problems as she went along. And, that paragraph where you address her wanting a place where she could go by herself. That is the bathroom corner and she still goes there if she is scared or wants to be alone. She will even go in there at night to sleep, even though she starts out next to me in bed. At some point she leaves and comes back in the morning to wake up with me. That was very interesting to read it now after 10 years.

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