What is a Quantum Biofeedback Session?

Quantum Biofeedback SessionQuantum Biofeedback is a form of energy therapy based on quantum physics that utilizes technology to reveal energetic imbalances in the body that are affecting health. A device called a SCIO is used during the treatment. SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system. Simply put, Quantum Biofeedback involves treatment in person or at a distance using a computerized system (SCIO) that both tests and balances the body at the subtle energy level.

Subtle energy is commonly known throughout integrative medical therapies such as acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, and other modalities. Subtle energy has been researched through quantum physics to explain how life forms translate certain frequencies, wavelengths, and vibrations through their electro-magnetic fields, which interacts with the larger quantum field through which all subtle energy moves. What the SCIO does is it sends vibrations out into the quantum field to locate your personal pattern and vibration. Once the SCIO has located you, it sends frequencies out to you. This is why treatments can be done in-person or at a distance.

Because subtle energy will be felt through the energetic system of an organism, disturbances or changes to that energy field will be detected or shifted by these modalities. Since illness can start as an energetic disturbance, the SCIO can detect this as the the body’s subtle energy system is an early warning system. Imbalances in the body’s subtle energies show up much earlier than overt physical disease, thus healing can often only be addressed by harmonizing the subtle energies.

A compilation of Quantum Biofeedback research can be found on the Quantum Alliance web site, which links to published research.

Treatment setup for Quantum Biofeedback session

Treatment setup for Quantum Biofeedback session

All Quantum Biofeedback sessions are conducted by Lisa Hunter, Certified Quantum Alliance Biofeedback Practitioner. These sessions help clients to:

  • Promote health – physical, emotional, mental.
  • Cope with illness and manage symptoms.
  • Improve their feeling of well being & reduce stress.

What Should Clients Expect During a Quantum Biofeedback Session?

An initial in-person treatment session is recommended and follow-up visits will be scheduled as appropriate to follow up. All sessions are 2 hours each.

For in-person treatments, clients will meet with the Quantum Biofeedback practitioner in our consultation space. A comfortable chair and soothing atmosphere are provided for the client so as to encourage relaxation. Clients should expect to be seated comfortably for the full duration of the treatment, during which they can experience and enjoy the effects felt. Variations within each treatment are expected, so clients’ experiences will vary naturally. However, clients should expect to feel relaxed, calm, and experience slower and deeper breathing patterns as the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged through the treatment.

Quantum Biofeedback video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpd9Ngk9Z-Y

Pricing & How to Book an Appointment

All sessions are 2 hours each and conducted in person.

In-person treatments: $100 for first treatment; Follow-up treatments: $135 each.

Series of treatments are recommended for clients desiring more than 1 to 2 treatments after the initial treatment. 3 2-hour Quantum Biofeedback Treatments, In-Person: $330

Appointments can be made by requesting online (click “Treatments” tab) or by contacting us.

Feedback from Clients on Treatments

“I’ve experienced less tension and stress along with better sleep patterns. I feel that this has helped me to balance my mind and body more. Even though I have had good success with other holistic healing modalities, when I truly feel deeper intervention and healing is needed, I will return to this definitely.”

“I’ve just been walking around all day in awe that I’m not in pain. After years of trying different medical treatments [and other holistic healing methods]… had not helped. Unfortunately our life is not going to be an easy one but with something like this in my pocket I might be able to make it out the other side relatively okay.”

“I am amazed! He was in such bad shape yesterday, physically and emotionally, and today he is a different person completely! He solved all kinds of problems today that were giving him fits yesterday. He has hope and a plan for the future today and seems peaceful.
He definitely wants to continue the biofeedback. Thanks so much. I’ll keep you posted on his progress.”

“He has had a phenomenal day so far. He’s had energy to do things and his outlook has been positive.”

“It was an interesting experience and I’m looking forward to having that ‘balanced’ feeling all week – I can really use it!”

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