Intuition is the means to realizing solutions to challenges that otherwise seem insurmountable. Intuitive guidance sessions can help unlock problems by shifting one’s perspective of what is at hand.

We all possess innate intuitive skills. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to hear our own inner voice and know what is best for us especially when we are dealing with life’s challenges, facing a difficult decision, or otherwise need more support in all ways. An intuitive guidance session can provide feedback that helps to support, guide and nurture you while providing the means to find clarity as you are seeking. In essence, it can be a key that unlocks further insight toward solution, relief and soothing you desire in any challenge that you are encountering.


Each intuitive guidance session is designed to provide clarity and direction to each client on any matter. Each session can be tailored in the following way:
~ Sample questions are provided below via the linked form yet you can formulate your own questions.
~ Sessions are priced starting initially at $100 which run about an hour to cover the questions asked plus also include a 15-20 minute follow-up phone consultation.
~ Once you e-mail this form (PDF version here if you can’t open Word), unless I need any clarification on the questions asked, I usually turn the session around quickly (within 2 days at most). If I expect a delay, I will let you know. Sessions are transcribed and are date/time stamped so you can see the start/end times and are e-mailed upon the session’s completion. Upon e-mailing the transcribed session, I will ask you for a follow-up date/time to chat by phone.


 $100 (includes 15-20 minute follow-up phone consultation)

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  • "Wow, Lisa, this is incredible. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I just made a point to read this slowly this morning. Again - this is really, really incredible stuff you are doing now - I am very, very impressed with your skills."

  • "Thank you so much for doing this for me! I have read through it once but I agree with you that it will take a few mores times to find the connections. It has given me more direction for my life. Some of these things I think I innately knew but it's nice to hear it in words."

  • "I have found the energy therapy sessions and information from my guides incredibly insightful and also relieving. Doing these sessions has given me a better perspective when things around me have seemed chaotic. It gives me a feeling of calm to know that I am on my path and need to be quiet sometimes and listen and reflect."

  • "Lisa has provided multiple intuitive readings for me over the years. I have especially found these insightful at times when I am in the midst of a life transition and need direction about which path to take. Lisa's readings always provide clarity and confirmation. What's equally impressive to me is the sensitivity and compassion that Lisa brings to each reading. She is a gifted healer."

  • “Lisa, I LOVED the session & reading… thanks so very much for that!!!”

  • "Thank you so much for responses.  I have been reading and rereading them trying to digest all of it.  Some of the things you said made perfect sense to me.  Others took me a few days to begin to see.  I greatly appreciate all of your time and the contact with my dad."