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Energy therapy is an integrative medicine therapy that works with the body’s energy fields that surround and are integrated with the body as well as within the quantum energy space that connects everything. There are various forms of energy therapy and techniques.  Some of the more commonly practiced forms are Emotional Freedom Technique, QiGong, Healing Touch, and Reiki.

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) is the primary type of energy therapy that we offer at the center.  Reiki is considered a form of complementary therapy to standard medical care as defined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). For example, prominent medical facilities, such as the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego, feature energy therapy as part of their integrated medicine program. Dr. Mehmet Oz has presented on Reiki within his own show; he spoke to CNN International (features also UCLA Pediatric Clinic) about using energy therapy like Reiki and other modalities in his integrated medicine center. To learn more about Reiki, see the NCCAM’s page on Reiki and

Brazos Healing Treatment Room

Brazos Healing Treatment Room


Benefits of Energy Therapy:

  • Alleviation or Eradication of Pain- Less need for pain medication and increased effectiveness of other medication
  • Enhanced Immune System Functioning
  • Improved Sleep
  • Promotion of Health and Well Being
  • Enhancement of Spiritual Development
  • Preparation for, and follow up after surgery and other medical treatments
  • Energizing the body

Energy therapy can help in coping with the following conditions*:

  • Arthritis/Chronic Pain/Migraines
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Back and Neck Problems
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Depression/Emotional disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypertension and Hypotension
  • Kidney, Liver, Lung Diseases
  • Surgical Trauma
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Wound and Fracture Healing

*Energy therapy is intended for use as a complement to allopathic (standard) medical procedures. Each person reacts differently to energy therapy, and therefore, no guarantees can be made as to its effectiveness. Please consult an appropriate health care provider about the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your own symptoms or medical conditions.

What Happens in an Energy Therapy Treatment Session?

Reiki treatments can be done in person or from a distance.  In person treatments are typically done with the recipient lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. The recipient remains fully clothed and only the shoes are removed. The practitioner’s hands are placed either directly on or just above the recipient’s body – usually starting from the head and moving down to the feet. Typically, heat from the practitioner’s hands can be felt as the energy moves through the hands to the recipient and this is a very gentle and soothing effect. Reiki distance treatments are similar in that the recipient must be relaxed and uninterrupted during the duration of the treatment (minimum 20 but 30 minutes is recommend).

Each recipient feels energy in different ways, but it is common to feel very relaxed and rejuvenated after a treatment. Energy therapy is wonderful for any and all types of physical, mental or emotional ailments.


Distance Reiki appointments offered currently due to recent relocation.

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 For in-person and distance treatments with Lisa Tauferner, the treatment includes a typed consultation provided after treatment.

In-Person Treatment Prices: Reiki & Reiki/Gong Sound Healing

$35 (30 minutes); $65 (60 minutes)

Distance Treatment Prices: Click the book appointment button above to purchase

$25 (20 mins); $35 (30 mins)

The gong is a means of energy therapy through sound. (photo courtesy of the Lone Star Chick blog)

The gong is a means of energy therapy through sound. (photo courtesy of the Lone Star Chick blog)


  • "Distance Reiki client: "This was incredible because last week I started feeling what felt like nerve pain or tension in my left hip and side. It was very bad Friday when I went to bed. After [treatment on] Saturday morning - it completely released!! I have felt much more energetic and very positive since Saturday - THANK YOU!!"

  • "I wanted to thank you for the Reiki treatment, I really enjoyed the session, and your notes are very helpful. I connected with everything you said, especially about feelings of isolation and disappointment, as they are familiar sentiments."

  • "I just wanted to get back with you and tell you how fantastic I felt on dayday morning.  I slept well on Monday night and I woke up feeling so centered and balanced.  All day on Tuesday I was not worried about things that are going on and I was so in the moment.  It was great!"

  • "Thank you for a great session this evening. It was deeply relaxing and
    helped me release negative emotions/stress."

  • “Feeling more balanced today and also my shoulder is happier.”

  • "Wow, I can't believe how much better I feel today [from the distance Reiki treatment]. It was a complete surprise."

  • “Feeling more balanced today and also my shoulder is happier.”

  • The [Reiki] treatment was a very interesting and beneficial experience.  I did sleep most of [the] afternoon (which I don't normally do).  Your notes were very interesting and insightful.  I very much look forward to seeing  you again soon.

  • “Hi Lisa,  I really enjoyed the Reiki treatment, and continue to experience the same sense of emotional peace that I left with on that day. Your notes for sure struck several chords with me that I continue to meditate on and think about. I have continued to have very vivid visions and dreams about my current emotional state, and that has helped to clear out some of my mental clutter, so thank you. I also received some rose quartz …  that I have kept near me when I feel weak…and I found that to be interesting that you too also used this stone for the treatment. It continues to work wonders. I’m open to receiving what the universe wants for me, so thanks again for listening and explaining all that Reiki and meditation can do to help me achieve these ends.”

  • “Lisa, I LOVED the session & reading… thanks so very much for that!!!”

  • “The treatment you gave me was GREAT!  I felt like a new person.”

  • “… I must say that the treatment that I got this fall was really amazing. Still not sure at all what happened and how it all works, but I was there and can vouch that it was real and memorable.”

  • “After my treatment, I can report less stress, less feeling overwhelmed. I’ve slept well. That’s a great blessing.”

  • “The treatment notes were most interesting and right on the mark! I did check out the links in your notes & found the information not only interesting, but also helpful in understanding what Reiki treatment is and what it can do.  I have a better understanding of how beneficial it will be for me. The treatment was so relaxing that at some point I felt as if I were floating above the table on a cloud.  I have not felt such total body relaxation in years. The feelings of calm and peace lasted a few days. I could say I was ‘laid back,’ which is not my personality type, and it felt ‘freeing.’”

  • “I suffered a writers block I could not overcome. I am working up to trying again and I believe your energy healing treatments will be beneficial towards that goal. I look forward to learning more and becoming stronger, physically and emotionally, happier and more creative.”

  • “The experience during the Reiki treatment was surreal for lack of a better word, really amazing. I was also able to see a lot of things clearly. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while now but I am finally sleeping better.  I also seem to be feeling more disciplined and determined to accomplish some goals that I have. In the end, the message that I got during the session was “do nothing” regarding things that I’ve been feeling so conflicted over.  You are absolutely right when you said I tend to want to take charge of everything but I’m being told to do nothing, to just trust and allow.  I felt very peaceful during the session.  I felt calm afterwards but I somehow seem to find myself being more distant, more in my own world. I guess maybe it’s a way of me pulling back and not feeling responsible for things I shouldn’t feel responsible for. I still can’t believe what I experienced. I plan on making Reiki a monthly treatment from now on.  I think most of the benefit that I’m finding for myself comes with spiritual and emotional healing.”

  • “Lisa, thank you for the notes. They were very helpful. I feel much lighter this week. Thank you! Hope you are having a great week!”

  • “Hi Lisa! Thanks so much! The day you did the session on me I was totally wiped out, it felt like a deep process took place. I rested most the day. I also really enjoyed this feedback you have sent, I found it very helpful.

  • It’s amazing that you mentioned my right lower stomach area… I have had an ongoing burning sensation there for a while, and come to just find out it’s an ulcer… I feel its directly linked to stress and old charges built up in that area, so I was really happy to hear that healing took place there.. I feel a lot is shift and releasing so this is really great, and I’m really grateful to you for this!   The reiki sessions you gave were incredible, and I’m soo grateful. The burning sensation in my side is now gone for the first time in 3 years and I’m just very grateful! A lot of emotional hurts seemed to release surrounding it. So thank you so much for that!! I really appreciate this!! The insights you gave were also very spot-on, and really were helpful for where I was at right at that time. It actually really helped me gain clarity of myself and to know I was in process and to just hang in there. All the very best with you and thank you again for helping me!!!!!”

  • “I have enjoyed the one hour reiki energy therapy session with Lisa. What a relaxing experience it was!”

  • “For almost three days, I definitely was feeling the effects.  My mind was clear, no jumbled thoughts, able to process and see much more clearly cause and effect.  The relaxation was good and I was definitely much more relaxed, I didn’t realize how tightly wound I could feel compared to those few days. Lisa, I will definitely do this again, because as much as I want to believe I will be able to maintain this peacefulness on my own, that is probably not realistic at this point. Thank you for my introduction to Reiki.”

  • “I’ve had Lisa do Reiki on me both in person and distance. Both times were equally effective in that I got something out of both.  In person I was able to feel a little heat as Lisa’s hands hovered over different places on my body. I didn’t feel any sensation like that from the distance treatment, but I was in a very relaxed and open state.  After both sessions I felt lighter and more balanced.  Her feedback on what she felt/experienced during our sessions have been right on target both times and incredibly insightful and invaluable. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Lisa to anyone who is open and seeking help.”

  • “I am glad to have the opportunity to share my impressions/experience of Reiki therapy as it has been a most positive addition to my life. I have had many different types of energy work over the past 15 years in addition to acupuncture and different types of massage therapy. These have always been relaxing and satisfying and certainly served to relieve the stress in my life to some degree. Reiki has an energy that is VERY noticeable and soothing. There is no manipulation by the therapist and yet the work is deep and extremely relaxing. The energy seems to go directly to the part of my body that needs help and the release of tensions (for lack of a better word) is facilitated. There are times when I am totally enveloped by a fine, warm vibration which is comfortable and comforting. The release that is felt is also emotional as often as it is physical. I would definitely recommend Reiki therapy to anyone as it is such a gentle approach with such far-reaching results. It has made a difference in my life.”

  • “I have tried Reiki a couple of times, but never with the success I had with Lisa. At the Brazos Healing Center Open House, I volunteered to have it done, so this was just a mini-session with people milling about as she explained what she was doing. Still, it was extremely effective.  After she worked on me I felt a little light headed (not necessarily in a bad way!), so I knew something had happened/shifted. In our discussion afterward, Lisa told me what she had felt from me and hit the nail on the head. Later I wrote and told her the good news was I felt much better the next day.  The ‘bad’ news was I felt so much better I didn’t feel the need for any more energy therapy. I am sure I will though. Knowing the mini-session was such an immense help, makes me think a full session will be even better!  Thank you Lisa!!”

  • “I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Lisa for several months. Not only has it helped in terms of mental clarity and balance, but has been a significant help to a chronic IT Band issue. Lisa has been able to target not only pain issues that were apparent to me, but also issues that were less apparent. The balancing of body with mind during and after Reiki will benefit all individuals, even the most skeptical.”

  • “I had the most wonderful Reiki session with Lisa. She is a powerful channel of pure energy. During my Reiki session I was so relaxed that my body sank into the table. I felt a warm energy flowing through my body especially in the middle of my back and legs. I know my body took all this wonderful energy because the effects of my Reiki session lasted for a long time. I slept like a baby and woke up feeling very energized. My thought process became sharper and I was in a very peaceful state of mind. I would recommend Reiki with Lisa not only for someone that has some kind of physical pain, but also for someone who wants to increase his or her energy levels. If you are going through a stressful situation or have something big coming up, like exams, new job, etc., Lisa will help put you in a state of well-being.”

  • “Wow, Lisa!  This is an amazing description, so detailed and beautifully written.  Certainly, this report took as much effort as the actual Reiki itself, and I so appreciate both. I know it will take me several readings to take this information entirely in—and maybe not even then.  However, on first reading I can say that much of what the spirit guides have said through you are an accurate assessment, and it doesn’t surprise me that some of my energy sources (flows?) have been jammed up (I like the kinked up hose metaphor). You also anticipated many of my needs for clarification in several places throughout this process. Making such a big change does expose uncertainties and concerns, at least for me. The guides have provided me very sage suggestions about how I can redirect my energies and, importantly, relax and trust in my Higher Self and the life forces in which that self exists.  I will re-read and let it all percolate for a while. I’m sure I’ll eventually come back to you, but am content to wait and see what evolves for now. I am grateful that you are my clear channel through which the reiki life force and the spiritual guides can work their powers.”

  • “Lisa radiates light energy wherever she goes. She gently shared that energy with me through Reiki. I can only describe the ends, because the means were ineffable: I encountered a balance of reassurance and restoration. My body normally emits a great deal of heat, and the Reiki treatment allowed me to channel that heat in a focused way for the first time. I cannot thank Lisa enough for giving me that gift.”

  • "Thanks so much for your Reiki session notes. Much of it dovetails with what I’ve been receiving in other ways lately."